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S-NET Defines Communications
Why S-Net?

We Are Cloud, Network, & VOIP Experts!

No matter how many branches and home offices your company has, cloud technologies from S-NET can bring them together and simplify your communications. We make it easy for teams and customers to call, collaborate, and connect from any location and any device.

S-NET is Your Complete Cloud Solutions Provider

From VoIP, to SD-WAN to Cloud Contact Centers, we've got your business needs covered

VoIP that Empowers Your Workforce

S-NET's Cloud Phone Systems provide high quality, reliable digital voice communications with enhanced features. Connect employees from any location, from any device.
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A Robust Foundation for Your Business Workflows

Connect all your locations and remote users into a unified network and deliver your team's mission-critical applications with reliability and consistency. S-NET's Secure SD-WAN simplifies the management of your complex network and security policies.
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Gain Control Over Your Contact Center and Boost Productivity

Monitor your call center workflow, control your operations and get detailed reporting. With our advanced call center features, you can smoothly route calls, improve response times, and run real-time and historical reports.
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Experience Lightning-Fast Fiber Internet

Want lightning fast Internet with equal upload & download speeds? Choose between dedicated bandwidth options starting at 5MB up to 10GB
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Simplify Your Network and Reduce Costs

Our Integrated Voice and Data packages will merge your existing phone system with our voice, data and SD-WAN services to provide you with exceptional speed and a better, more reliable voice quality. Maximize your existing investment and enjoy a solution tailored to your unique needs.
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Easily Integrate with Salesforce and Other Business Apps

Our cloud phone system does not exist in a vacuum. It easily integrates with the critical apps that keep your business on track. We easily integrate with Salesforce, Microsoft 360, Azure and AWS – just to name a few!
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A Robust Foundation for All Your Business Workflows

Simplify your network operations and security with S-NET's Secure SD-WAN Solutions. Easily manage all your locations and remote users from a unified admin interface and increase your team's efficiency by optimizing traffic to all their cloud-based applications, regardless where they are working from.

S-NET's Secure SD-WAN lets you manage and deploy network-wide security configurations with just a few clicks and secures your infrastructure with a robust security stack, regardless where your users are working from.

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VoIP that Empowers Your Workforce

The S-Net Cloud Phone System empowers your workforce to conduct business from wherever they are – whether that's the main office, a branch, from home or on the go. Our system includes a flexible, easy-to-use tool for admins or end users to manage their systems. Admins can make changes, modify their systems, and generate reports as needed.

With S-NET's Cloud Phone System, you don't have to worry about your phone system becoming obsolete months after you buy it. It exists in the cloud, so new features and updates are rolled out and installed automatically, and there’s no hardware to maintain.

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Place and Receive External Calls Straight from Microsoft Teams

Give your team more than a collaboration tool. S-NET’s Teams Integration augments your staff’s communications with the ability to place and receive external PSTN calls and streamlines your operations with advanced call routing features customized to your business needs. Connect all your users into a unified communication system, whether they use Microsoft Teams, office phones, professional call center software or a wireless phone in a warehouse or store location

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Why S-NET?:

cloud-solutions provider

S-NET is a boutique,
cloud-solutions provider

We offer a full suite of cloud-based business solutions that work together to provide you with end to end branch office networking tools – from VoIP to Fiber Internet to SD-WAN and beyond.

installation and support

We provide local onsite installation and support

We come to you for installation and consultation, so you don't have to deal with a do-it-yourself, "plug and pray" package that most providers hand over.

one technical contact for every account

We dedicate one technical contact for every account

Your point of contact knows your business and is always available to you.

Our company is flexible

Our company is flexible

Our technologies are fully customizable to your business needs.

and of course…


We provide quick, reliable service you can depend on.
We offer cloud-based communications tools that are simple, easy to manage and reliable.
Our platform is secure, robust and reliable.
Our customer service team is highly trained and responsive.
We offer a full suite of cloud-based business tools.
We are a first-class VoIP provider.
We take a "white glove" approach to customer service.

We Define Cloud Communications and Fiber Connections

Founded in 2006, S-Net Communications is well known as the local and reliable telecom partner for businesses in the Chicago area. With a unique foundation, the value and service it provides customers is even more exceptional. It began with the goal of providing SMB customers with a reliable solution for their telecom needs, and S-Net Communications has grown from a small market player to a major name that is defined by high-quality customer service and precise attention to detail.


The following key attributes set S-Net apart from other telecom providers in the industry:

  • Unbeatable, best-in-class customer service.
  • Locally owned and based in the Chicago area.
  • In the VoIP business since 2006.
  • Over 50,000 phones deployed on our system.
  • Backed by decades of combined industry experience.
  • Hands-on setup and installation with a white glove approach.
  • VOIP phone service setup with private and secure network connection.
  • Very high long term customer satisfaction rate.
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